Photo: Brock University

Brock University hosted the world’s largest Canadian sparkling wine tasting this week.

More than 130 bottles were popped at the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute over the past couple of days.

It featured wines from not only Ontario; but also Quebec, British Columbia and Nova Scotia.

Tom Stevenson is one of the world’s leading sparkling wine experts. He traveled to Brock from the United Kingdom this week, and was very impressed.

“I am really pleased because there are a lot of really good sparkling wines here.”

Stevenson is the founder and head judge for the Champagne and Sparkling Wine
World Championships. He says Canada is a strong contender and hopes to see some Canadian competitors in the future.

“It would increase the profile of Canadian sparkling wine. We haven’t typically had many entries from Canada in the past to really see what these producers have available from a competition perspective.”



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