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  1. Kazijar 1 year ago

    My big question is always: why is 'not all men' usually a reason to jump down a man's throat? Because it is true, not all men. In fact, I dare say if you looked at each individual dude on the planet, most of them would be ok. The ones that are toxic should be dealt with more consequently and harsher, but that to me is a far more pressing issue and far harder to deal with because a disproportionate amount of toxic men seem to be in charge of regulating stuff.

  2. Kazrat
    Kazrat 1 year ago

    Anyone gravely horny and wants to masturbate DM me

  3. Vimi
    Vimi 1 year ago

    should have known you when i was in Hollandale

  4. Taum 1 year ago

    Cascade cascade cascade! Good time!

  5. Moogurg 1 year ago

    Oh, they are SO much fun. Great for morale. I believe I still have the pic. Yep, here it is. Winner in the center, runner up to the left.

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